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Fun New Ways to Foster Creativity and Imagination!

Reading books, hearing treasured stories and singing songs repetitively are essential for children’s language development. Let kids listen to their favorites, at the touch of a button, as often as they want!

Record your voice reading their favorite books so they can play over and over! Load Juke24™ with audio from CD, computer, phone or USB flash drive, even read and record kids’ favorite books.

Record up to 48 hours of content to play and replay, as often as they like, at the push of a button!



  • Read and record your kids’ favorite books in your voice!
  • Comes with its own microphone for sing-alongs!
  • 24 Programmable Press-and-Play Buttons
  • Built-in MP3 Digital Recorder
  • Built-in Side Speakers
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Load from virtually any device: USB, computer, CD, phone or tablet!
  • Kid tested for toughness!
  • Free iPhone App Available at the iTunes Store!


Fun at Home

At home, on the go, for sleepytime or fun time, the one-of-a-kind Juke24 does it all!

Songs, books, sing-a-longs, lessons, all parent approved content that even toddlers can enjoy at the push of a button.

For the budding young songster or sports commentator, simply upload a selection of favorite moments and use the Juke24 microphone to sing along or talk over for hours of entertainment. For a more personalized, creative use of the Juke24, directly record lullabies, songs or stories in your own voice and safely puts kids in control of their choices for hours and hours.

In the Library

Introduce new readers to the wonders of reading and to the love of books.  Upload audio books for easy read along, and Storytime anytime! Juke24 makes it easy to provide new fresh content that fosters learning and independence.

In the classroom

Juke24™ is available in time for the new school year and its versatility will quickly become invaluable in the classroom! Music, books, stories, lessons,podcasts and webcasts can be uploaded to the Juke24 from virtually any device ‒ USB, computer, CD, smartphone or tablet.

Juke24’s Free iPhone App for Custom Artwork!

The free app from the iTunes App Store lets you use fun, exciting images and text to design your own, unique button artwork! Or, simply draw your own!

Juke24 Detailed Specifications

Use Virtually any Device to Upload to Juke24!

  • 24 Programmable Press and Play Buttons
  • Record from any of the following sources and program to any of the
    24 buttons: CD, Aux In, MIC in, USB Key and PC Link via USB port
  • Digital Display
  • Built-in MP3 Digital Recorder
  • Built-in Side Speakers
  • Back-Loading CD Player
  • 4GB Built-in Memory
  • Back-Loading CD Player
  • AC/DC Adapter / 6 C Batteries (not included)
  • Volume Control Dial
  • On/Off Switch
  • Button Lock Switch
  • Translucent Button Covers (for Custom Paper Button Covers)
  • Talkover Mic Feature / Karaoke

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