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Myths & Legends of Ancient Greece & Rome

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome Download Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by E.M. Berens 01 – Preface, Part I: Myths, and The First Dynasty –17:28 02 – The Second Dynasty: Chronus, Rhea, Division of the World, Theories as to the Origin of Man – 23:45 03 – Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Zeus (Jupiter) – 11:29 04 – Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Hera, Pallas Athene, Themis, and Hestia – 17:25 05 – Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Demeter and Aphrodite – 28:09 06 – Third Dynasty: Olympian Divinities- Phoebus-Apollo – 40:38 07 – Third Dynasty:...

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The Swiss Family Robinson

The Swiss Family Robinson Download The Swiss Family Robinson First published in 1812, The Swiss Family Robinson may sometimes seem old-fashioned to modern readers, especially the family’s attitude toward wildlife (if it moves, shoot it). However, it’s a truly exciting adventure and a timeless story of warm and loving family...

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The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse

The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse Download The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse Danny begins his tale regretting the length of his tail until he is corrected by Mr. Toad. Then he has a series of stalkings by Reddy and Granny Fox. He is captured by Hooty the Owl and escapes mid-flight to Peter Rabbit’s briar patch. Peter goes to Farmer Brown’s peach orchard and gets caught in a snare and barely escapes himself. Finally Danny gets trapped in a tin can and must use his wits to escape Reddy Fox...

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