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Juke24 Review

This is a very cool device that lets kids easily have their favorite stories and songs with them wherever they go and whenever they want to listen to them. It’s very easy for parents to use, and they can re-program any of the memory buttons at any time with new audio content. Plus, it’s easy for little kids to use. But this is more than just an easy way to keep kids’ favorite audio content on hand. If your child has a favorite story that she only likes grandpa to read to her but grandpa lives far away, record grandpa reading that story and then use the Juke24 to play back that audio so your child can follow along with the story and hear grandpa’s voice. We should also mention that the recording and play-back audio quality is really good.

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JUKE24 Jukebox review: The Fun Way For Kids To Learn, Read, and Sing

I may be biased, but watching my daughter sing along to her favorite songs – she tends to favor ‘twenty one pilots’ and Meghan Trainor – is adorable. Did you know that research has indicated that reading books, hearing their favorite stories and singing songs repetitively are essential for child development and learning?

That’s why many of the children’s song and television shows repeat songs and phrases. It helps children learn, so when my daughter reads or listens to the same book, or insists we replay the same songs, she’s actually learning. Juke24, a new toy for kids, can actually help with their learning!

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If your kids love Music, check out Juke24!

Music has always been a big part of our lives- my son always slept better with music going. My hubby has a huge collection of CDs and LPs- yes, real vinyl! When I heard about Juke24, I had to try it out for myself! Sure, is it designed for younger kids, but my 13 year-old still loved the karaoke function just the same!

The Karaoke microphone is our favorite feature. We might not have been using it to sing, but we make fun noises and yelled to each other from one end of the house to another. It’s very well-made and will withstand the abuse from kids of all ages. You can plug it in or use batteries and take it with you anywhere.

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HamiltonBuhl to Debut Juke24 – The Next Generation of Media Players at NY Toy Fair

HamiltonBuhl (, the most recognized and trusted brand of AV equipment and electronics for education will unveil Juke24™ at NY Toy Fair. This unique, portable media player/entertainment center brings a number of versatile features to the table, adding fun and creativity, fostering learning and imagination to the listening experience.

HamiltonBuhl announces release of Juke24 customizable boombox

#Music is a big part of many people’s daily lives, and everyone has specific musical tastes which are why customizable playlists are such a popular feature on music apps. Noting the allure of music, a company known as HamiltonBuhl recently released the “Juke24” which is essentially a customizable and portable boombox for children that has also proven popular among seniors.

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Introducing Juke24 Digital Jukebox for Kids #Giveaway

If there’s one thing my girls love doing together it’s singing (and dancing). I have to admit, it’s pretty cute and even though it’s a bit loud sometimes, I love that they enjoy doing something together. Juke24, a digital jukebox for kids makes it even more fun — and a little quieter for mom and dad if necessary!

Juke24 was specially designed for kids to enrich their learning and development. Research has shown that hearing stories, reading books and singing songs repetitively is beneficial. With Juke24, parents can…

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